Wrap Up: Mission Trip Excerpt

February 16, 2009

Last Day

(Reynosa, Mexico – June, 2007)Reynosa,Mexico 2006 Gateway Mission Team

Allow me to offer a few global accomplishments for this mission trip. As I said, the biggest thing to happen was the growth of each one of us. We came to help change the lives of the Mexicans there, but God wanted to perform deeper work in each of our lives. The profundity of the changes were remarkable. God removed habits that had bound people and restored relationships to His right and perfect standing. Smoking, drinking, drug habits, sex out of wedlock – gone. Marriages healed. Old wounds healed. New character built. We are different people then when we went left.

Our impact on Mexico: many people made very strong connections with the little girls and they felt loved. A couple random people met on prayer walks came either to, or closer to Christ. It was interesting to see how God put a uniquely qualified person in exactly the right place to meet exactly the right person to transform both lives. One man was trying to escape the drug life and had been tracked down by his old friends, and Glen helped him to find safe passage. Read the rest of this entry »

The spiritual world around us is real: Mission Trip Excerpt

February 6, 2009

(WEDNESDAY, even later that day – Reynosa, Mexico, 2006)

Our impromptu movie theatre

Our impromptu movie theatre

That evening we went to the Colonia. We were going to show the movie The Passion of the Christ after a short service. I went down the potholed dirt street to invite people to come. I played some soccer in the street with some boys and waited for the movie to begin. We had an overheating problem with the projector and it kept going out. Eventually we stopped the movie half way through and gave up. Afterwards, a man and woman came forward to be prayed for. I was supporting Deanna and Karin with prayer, who were in turn, praying for the woman. I could also hear Rabbi David praying for the man. He finished his prayer and moved to the woman we were with. He later told me that he could hear Holy Spirit telling him that this man was not willing to let go of his pain (alcoholism), but then turned and saw that the woman was willing to be rid of hers.

He stepped in to take over for the two women and I saw something amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

The Second Branch: Mission Trip Excerpt

February 5, 2009
(WEDNESDAY, later that day – Reynosa, Mexico, 2006)
Gateway's 2006 Reynosa Team

Gateway's 2006 Reynosa Team

Later that day were walking when I noticed a big healthy tree with a dead limb. I had a strong inclination to break off the dead branch. We then went down the alley. We ended up meeting two wonderful families there and Glen felt lead to buy them some groceries. On the way back from the store, Doug was carrying the box on his shoulder and hit the very dead tree limb I had wanted to break off. “I knew I should have broken it off, ” I thought. At that time, it didn’t mean anything more to me than this.

During our debrief, I didn’t say much because I felt that Doug and Glenn got into the Prayer walk more than I did, but I decided I would share a “little God story” about this tree branch. Everyone laughed at me for calling it such, but I almost didn’t bring it up due to the seeming irrelevance of it, but did anyway.

At lunch I wondered what God would have me do next as I had now done each thing once. He told me Covering Prayer. I asked why, and He said to pray for my mom. (If you do not know, my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer). I had not spent too much time thinking about her on this trip, but knew that we would be praying for her at some point on this trip. Now was the time. I came out of the room as different teams were preparing for their assignments and I just felt amazing. I was standing next to Trent and let out a whoop. I had never felt so good. Yvette who had seen the purple vision that morning came up and said she didn’t know why she was supposed to be in Covering Prayer again, but had felt since the morning that this was her day to pray for others. I told her that we would be praying for my mom among others.

She said, “Yeah, I thought that tree story was a metaphor of your mother.” I was dumbfounded!

Of course! Read the rest of this entry »

Coming to God Kicking and Screaming: Mission Trip Excerpt

February 4, 2009

(WEDNESDAY, – Reynosa, Mexico, 2006)

base camp dirt

base camp dirt

In our morning chapel time, Yvette shared a vision she had of a purple dot which pulsated into a bigger and bigger circle until it filled her view. I remembered that Rabbi David shared that purple is the royal color and represents Jesus. Many people had different visions which later became reality, including Charles, who was having trouble accepting the claims being made early in the trip. On about the third day, he commented that he was going to puke if he heard one more person say they had had a vision. Strangely, this day – he was the one with a vision! 🙂 So God even used the one who came to Him kicking and screaming, although not until he had humbled himself before the Lord. Holy Spirit had been wooing Charles the entire trip with the possibility of life change and miracles, but he fought believing. He didn’t want to submit his will to God’s. After hearing a powerful story of Greg forgoing sleep to go out and prostrate himself in the dirt under the night sky and humble himself before God to receive an incredible breakthrough, Charles decided to commit himself as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Pride: Mission Trip Excerpt

February 1, 2009

(TUESDAY, later that day – Reynosa, Mexico, 2006)

Detention Center

Detention Center

After lunch, when we again asked the Lord for His direction, the Spirit told me I would go to the Detention Center. The detention center was a sort of light weight, or juvenile hall. It was for young boys who were going astray, but were too young to put in the real jail. I wondered what I would be doing there. A couple of the people were making incredible connections there because they felt like their lives were similar to these boys and their testimony would really impact them. I did not feel that I had a similar background. I grew up with two parents and a sister who loved me, and really was given a silver platter in life. Holy Spirit answered me: “Play Soccer!” So I went to play soccer with the boys. I was surprised to find that these Mexican boys were not skilled soccer players. My skills, with 14 years of rust, were still better than any of theirs. This shocked me for a soccer-loving country. This is their number one sport.

After running madly the first 10 minutes of the game, I was overcome with exhaustion. I settled in on defense, running as little as possible, but I could not catch my breath. After a while I noticed that I was becoming dizzy and decided that it was best to sit. Ernie helped me to cool off and get some water and that was the end of my soccer playing. It was summertime in Mexico and I had spent the morning moving rocks on a hot roof, and the afternoon playing soccer in the hot sun. Apparently, I’m too old for this combination.

This seems like a great place to talk about pride, to talk about the deadliest and sneakiest sin. After the game, everyone got together and talked. It was important to play soccer with the boys in order to build friendship, but afterwards was the only opportunity to say something to really change the direction of these boy’s lives. And the rest of our team had just such conversations. Meanwhile, I was laying flat out on my backside trying to recover. Read the rest of this entry »

A Blinding Light: Mission Trip Excerpt

January 26, 2009

(June 27th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico)

Monday( even later that day)

When we debriefed after dinner back in the chapel where we were staying, we listened patiently as all the other teams Chapel at our base campdescribed their experiences.  We could hardly sit in our chairs.  Everything they described about their day was exactly as we had prayed for them.  With unbelievable accuracy, Holy Spirit had shared with us what each and every one of them was going through in whatever part of the city they were in.  When they were finished, we shared the things we had been praying for them and many were touched to see that God had given us the gift and direction to pray for them specifically.  Afterward, Rabbi David asked us to pray for the group.  So we huddled up and did so. There was power in these prayers beyond anything we, by ourselves, were capable of.  I have tried duplicating this type of prayer of my own power and I am not capable.  But He was with us. Read the rest of this entry »

You Get What You Give: Mission Trip Excerpt

January 13, 2009

In 2006 I signed up for 2 mission trips, back to back.  It was something that had been on my heart for a couple years, but still I was too selfish to give away a week of my like.  In early 2007 my walk started to become primary to me and I decided to jump in with both feet and sign up for these two trips.  I will be blogging excerpts from the letters that I wrote the friends who supported these trips in the coming days and weeks.  These are the stories of how I experienced the awesome presence of God.  It’s my hope, whatever the reason you find yourself reading this blog, that you might be inspired to action, or at the least, moved to thought.  Read the rest of this entry »