The Easy Life in Jesus (Mt 11:18-30)

March 24, 2009

Matt. 11:18-30

Faith like a child

Faith like a child

Yesterday, we spoke of the spiritual life that our Messiah calls us to. Today Jesus teaches us how to seek and find Him and then to achieve a peace and rest in Him. I think this is what many in the world are looking for…a life with less stress, more peace and rest!

The key to faith and growth in Jesus is childlike faith. A big problem in the Church is our constant wrestling over and obsession with complex theology. This blog is no exception. We posted an interview with brothers of the Chinese Church a week ago, and what we see of them who are experiencing an incredibly rich walk with the Lord is the simple faith and trust of a child to his parents. The complex theology does not bring us close to Him, the absolute devotion and commitment of our lives does. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick – Which Path will You Choose: Hard/Easy or Easy/Hard

February 13, 2009

There are two roads to walk down in the daily decisions that we make. We are constantly confronted with option of taking

those easy choices have given you a hard life

Suprise: The future's hard after a lifetime of making the easy choice

the easy way, which requires less of us at that time. Or we can take the more challenging route when confronting the decision ahead.

Most people go about life choosing the easy way. Which is understandable. In the moment when they make the choice, they do not want to make the decision that will require more effort on their part. This typically leads to a much harder life for them in the end. Because they were never willing to choose the hard path that would have meant immediate pain, they will face a lifetime of ever increasing pain. Read the rest of this entry »