The Chinese House Churches seem “Radical”

March 14, 2009

Last Saturday, I posted a blog based on a song I had heard and this week, I received a really powerful email about an interview with believers in China. I thought it would be fun from time to time to share some outside-the-box posts on Saturdays. So I’ll only give a personal comment and then let you read the post that I found so powerful.

Will the American church go into deeper realms of faith as the Chinese church has?

Will the American church go into deeper realms of faith as the Chinese church has?

It really hit me as I read just how surface level my faith and walk are. How much deeper a life in Christ can and should be. Part of me wanted to make it about the number of hours I pray each day or the number of days I fast, but although both of those things are important, I find that I’m trying to devise a formula to grow closer to God and that is not the answer. However, more hunger, devotion, and expectation of and for God in every area of our lives is important. Seeking God for where He’s leading instead of asking Him to come along with us is key.

I hope this will be a blessing to you as it has been for me. I believe that God is opening up the opportunity for a greater closeness to Him in these days and this conversation will surely whet your appetite… Read the rest of this entry »

“I Will Get You Here”

March 7, 2009

God really showed me something new last Saturday night and I wanted to carve out this moment to tell you about it. I heard a song that really touched me and gave me some insight into the heart of God.adopted-girl

I attended an amazing party that was raising money for Devin & Cathy Garza’s family to take their four kids on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Austin Stone Community Church. Devin has a flair for doing things in a big way and he put together an event where he and his band – Aaron Ivey & Jimmie Ingram from Spur 58, & Gina Chavez – all played in the Garza backyard. It was an amazing night with incredibly talented musicians whose sets were too short.

Aaron Ivey and his wife Jamie have been trying to adopt 2 children from Haiti for 15 months now. As of yet, they haven’t been able to get them out of the country, though they’ve fallen in love with these children and are desperate to bring them to their new home where they can love on them all the time. Aaron said that this situation has really stretched their understanding of love. For now, they are stuck seeing them only occasionally from afar. But they’re hoping for much more.

Aaron’s song doesn’t have a title yet, but the refrain is, “I will get you here.” Read the rest of this entry »