An Unmistakable Presence: Mission Trip Excerpt

January 23, 2009

(June 26th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico)

Monday(later that day)

Covering Prayer room (2 days later/someone smartly added cushion)

Covering Prayer room (2 days later/someone smartly added cushion)

After lunch we began another ATL.  But this time I couldn’t hear the Spirit counseling me.  What a bummer.  And I knew what it meant.  I had seen in the morning session that those who didn’t hear  would get stuck in Covering Prayer.

Being obedient to God’s direction in our lives can be the hardest, yet most rewarding thing we ever do.  If you’re new to it, it’s extremely difficult to bend your own will to that of some invisible God.  In fact it really doesn’t get any easier to submit.  But over time you begin to see that God actually wants what’s best for you.  When you are obedient and follow Him, you’ll experience a far richer more blessed life than if you had gone your own way.  (Of course at this time, I was pretty new to this, so I had no idea what was about to happen next). Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty in the Little Things: Mission Trip Excerpt

January 21, 2009

(June 26th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico)


I sensed the need to fast on Monday. That morning we had our first of many ATL’s (Ask The Lord), where we would sit quietly and pray

little girl in orphanage

little girl in orphanage

for direction on what He wanted us to do during our next session. We would have 7 sessions over the next four days with our options being 1) playing with the little girls at the orphanage, 2) doing construction on the second floor of the orphanage, 3) prayer while walking the neighborhood, 4) going to the detention center to play with/minister to the teenagers who were there due to whatever law they had broken, and 5) covering prayer room where people would pray for all the other team members out doing the other four things.

This was explained, and we were then instructed to sit quietly and listen to the Lord and he instructed each of us. This is a bit intimidating because I didn’t have a lot of experience hearing the voice of God. What if He didn’t speak? I know there is a Holy Spirit to teach and lead me, but What if He speaks and I couldn’t hear Him? How would I know it was Him? But, I was not in charge and did what I was told. The rabbi prayed over us and I began to listen. I “heard” that I was to go to the orphanage. I didn’t actually “hear” a voice, but this word came to mind. I did not notice anything fantastical or mystical; I just had this word “orphanage” come to mind. It was pretty easy for me to be certain this was God because going to the orphanage was the second to last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t want to go play with kids. I didn’t have kids yet and they kind of intimidated me. But that word came to mind and so I figured it was God. There’s an important lesson in that. Seek God’s will. Listen and Obey. The direction He sends us in might not be the one we wanted to go, but we will always find out that it was the most rewarding and amazing direction if we just have trust in Him that He wants and is leading us towards what is best for us. Read the rest of this entry »

Believe What You Hear: Mission Trip Excerpt

January 19, 2009

74220033-1(June 25th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico)


Today we started with teachings from David in the chapel as we would every morning.  He is an incredible man of God.  He is a Jewish son of a Rabbi who at 32 found Christ.  As such he is a teacher unlike any I have ever heard.  Most Christians tend to focus on the New Testament.  Rabbi David does no such thing and does an incredible job of explaining how the entire Tanakh (Old Testament) points towards Jesus.  What an education!  I only wish I could remember more.  David is also deeply conversant with the Spirit and it was awesome to watch him orchestrate us so that each one of us was exactly where we needed to be.

After our chapel/devotional time we went to a local church service.  This was a neat experience.  I really enjoyed the service, although it was 3 hours long and in Spanish.  During the service Karin saw a Mexican woman, and was immediately overcome with empathy for her and had to go over and give her a hug.  They were both overcome and began crying and blessing each other in separate languages.  This woman later felt prompted to go to the front and share her amazing testimony.  Read the rest of this entry »