Carrying the Authority of Jesus (Mt 10:26-42)

Matt. 10:26-39

Will you carry your cross and follow Him?

Will you carry your cross and follow Him?

We have been looking at the disciple relationship which Jesus began teaching here. Remember, these are the words that Jesus had given to those disciples whom He most trusted who had agreed to give up everything to follow Him. Jesus promises the small few Believers who are truly willing to follow Him (not just those who believe in Him and will get to Heaven some day) that they will be transformed into His image and be His representatives on this earth.

In this section, Jesus teaches that the values of a disciple and his perspectives of life must change. There is no longer any room for fear as one follows Christ because the trust and faith in Him should imbue the disciple with a peace.

The more a person submits to being a disciple of Christ, the more he or she must give up expectations in and entanglements with the world. His or her own interests have to be denied and done away with before one can be truly qualified as a disciple.

The Kingdom life introduces and substantiates a whole new set of values and roles into the life of a disciple of Jesus. This new reality must become settled in order to become firmly established in his or her calling in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39″He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.”(Mt 10:38-39)

Jesus promises a totally new life. The things that are old and wasting away, will be replaced with eternal things. Some like to paint a picture that this means life is all rosy, but this is not what Jesus tells us. We must take up our own cross just as Jesus did. There will be suffering, but that will come with the immeasurable blessing of knowing and live a life with your Creator and Savior. These blessings will be both in the afterlife and in this life. (see Mark 10:29-31)

Matt. 10:40-42

Jesus sends His disciples out with His full authority. He has equipped them and He has blessed them, that they can bring His favor with them. They were His representatives in every sense of the word. They basically were Him to those they came in contact with. He gave them this much responsibility and backed them up as if they were Him. How much more so now is that responsibility and authority offered to those who fully give their lives to Him today?

We’ve moved quickly through these scriptures. What would you like to add here?

4 Responses to Carrying the Authority of Jesus (Mt 10:26-42)

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  2. Bill Fonte says:

    Good Morning, We are building a web site for our ministry and saw your picture of the cross being carried. We wanted to see if we can get permission to use this on one of our pages. The name of the ministry is called A Life of Love Ministry. Thank you for your time, Bill Fonte

    • Wes Bridel says:

      Hi Bill. There are very few images here (or on the main site that we own the rights to. Most of the images we use come from a place where we buy credits to use their images or a site where you can use for free as long as you credit them. I didn’t see a credit on this post so this must have been one we bought. I don’t think buying it gives us the right to let you use it, although maybe I’m wrong. If it does, we’re happy to extend that permission. I’ll have my bride Kara email you the places that we use because I can’t remember them at the moment.

  3. Wes Bridel says:

    Hi Bill,

    We purchased that particular photo from Istock images. Unfortunately even though we personally own it, we are not allowed to share it with others. But the good news is you can go to and purchase it yourself. They will ask you for what kind of image you’re looking for and I would enter the key words “Carry Cross” and “Jesus” and see what pops up. You may have to scroll through several pages of images to find it.

    I hope this helps. Have a blessed weekend.


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