How can we have everything we want? (Mt 7:7-12)

Matthew 7:7-12

Will you knock?

Will you knock?

As we’ve been moving through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has been teaching us what to value, how to trust God for our own needs, and how to conduct ourselves with others. Today, Jesus shows us how to receive the full measure of the Kingdom that He has for us.

The secret? Ask… Seek… Knock

Ask and it will be given to you” Jesus shows us that we must approach God in prayer for what we need. God is willing to give us the richness of Heaven, but He does not give it if we do not ask Him for it. Most people never even know to ask.

Seek and you will find” It’s not enough to just pray a prayer once and hope to receive His blessing. We must go after Him for it. We must be hungry for more of God in our lives. Seek Him. Understand Him and what He’s doing. Worship Him. And do not give up on this seeking until you have what you are after.

Knock and the door will be opened to you” Action on our part is required as well. He does not want you sitting around doing nothing and hoping that your situation changes without doing a thing. Sometimes He will give clear direction on which way to go. Sometimes it will not be so clear, but He wants us to be active in the lives He has called us to live.

For example, if you desire a deeper spiritual experience with God in your life, find others who are further along and learn from them. If you feel called to have a great business that is making a huge difference in the world, but don’t know where to begin, decide where you could start and start small. If you desire wisdom in an area of life, find those who can teach and learn from them.

All great blessings in life come directly from God as you are changed, but these small interactions and experiences in life are the conduit He uses.

“…how much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!” God wants to give you every good thing! Ask Him, Seek Him, & Knock and you will receive what you are looking for so long as it is in your best interest. And if it is not, you will come to understand this in your seeking Him.

It’s interesting that Jesus ties to the end of this teaching the idea that we should “do to others what you would have them do to you.” God want us to all live in harmonious community with those we love as with those we can’t stand. If He ends this teaching on this note, you know this is one of the most important things.

Can you add anything to this? Or share a story of this happening in your life? We’d love to hear it, and invite a friend!


6 Responses to How can we have everything we want? (Mt 7:7-12)

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  2. Expatopicks says:

    Oh Dear…. God seems like he needs his ego fulfilled.
    Go after him….. !!!!
    Pretty like our common day ..politicians and diplomats isnt it????
    If thats the level of God you are bringing him down to…
    may you keep on praying…

  3. Wes Bridel says:

    Expatopicks, Thanks, I really appreciate your comment. WordPress tells me that a bunch of people come by every day, but not many leave comments, so I really appreciate it!

    I see from your blog that you are dating (or recently dated) a witch and are interested in these things. I understand this very well as I was very much into various spiritual practices and world religions and philosophies just 6 years ago. I was much too “smart” to believe that any one religion could be correct and instead investigated many forms of spiritual practice.

    The spiritual realities underlying this world are very real, and I experienced some of these things in undeniable ways. Yet a friend kept challenging me to investigate the historical veracity of the claims of Christ and I began to see that it was not intellectually honest for me to choose my own God rather than accept the evidence for who He has told us He is. This started a long journey.

    After your comment, I read this post again with new eyes. I can see how it might sound to you. I remember myself 6 yrs ago asking,”Is God on an ego trip, why does He need us to worship Him?” I had no understanding.

    this blog is written to Believers in Christ and as such it assumes alot of understanding which many casual passersby won’t have. This is definitely a concern of mine and I hope you read the first linked post above as it states that what I am talking about here is NOT the way to Salvation and eternal life. Thanks again for this chance to address this.

    These things are for people who have already come to understand that worshiping God is the most fulfilling thing we can do…the most joy we can have. He built us this way. He’s not on an ego trip, He wants our happiness, and He loves us so much that He is willing to let us go our own way if we so choose.

    After mentally agreeing to follow Christ, my life was not instantly full of miracles. I was saved and had I died, would have had eternal life. But I had alot of growing to do. God does not make us choose this growth (again, He gives us free choice in everything), but He offers it. And the more you grow and experience Him in your life, the more you want of Him in your life! Miracles big and small become more and more common place as you grow in Him. All other things become small and less desirable. This is what this scripture (and blog post) are addressing.

    I realize that this reply barely begins to address this huge spiritual topic, so if you’d like to discuss this further, I’m all for it. Have a great day. wes

  4. Immanuel Sun says:

    I have to agree that God is very real…I share the same experience like Wes had. Thought I was smart and sorted my way out till I was frustrated by the diring reality of a world of no hope and love, found every hero and ideal fell apart at a close scrutiny. It was not helpful at all! If only I remained to go on my life with business as usual….

    God talked to me when I laid on a bench day after day….I was converted without a Bible or the help of a preacher…The time I heard him, I actually had a lot doubt of whether He is the God in the Bible…

    This was how it started, In my anger and desperation, I said, “If there is a God, why not talk to me?” He did…

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  6. […] we experience the true joy of what life can be like lived in communion with God (discussed here in a comment to last week’s post) and in doing so live more the Kingdom life. Jesus calls us to live this […]

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